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Bergantino Artist Zack Guinn

“I didn’t realize how unclear my sound truly was until I found this combination of Head and Cabinet, the sound cuts through and can be heard very very clearly. I use a Genz-Benz GBE 1200 and the Bergantino HT322 love it!! I also would like to add that this cabin does as advertised, it truly […]

Bergantino Artist: Ethan Wagner

The B-Amp and CN212-It’s easily the best rig I’ve ever owned. I was immediately blown away by the clarity and power of the B|AMP. I bought one of the first models shipped. Beast!” Location: Alexandria,Virginia Bergantino Equipment Used: B|AMP and CN212 Associated Band: Thursday Theory https://www.facebook.com/sweetdandthenamethatband/  

Bergantino Artist Jason McQuarters

“I’ve never written a product review in all my 25 years of playing- however, I picked up a NV412 a few weeks ago to replace my Mesa 412 cab….WOW! I’ve heard only good things about Bergantino but to experience it first hand is a whole new level. Silky smooth tone but with still enough edge […]

Artist and Luthier Chuck Thornton

“I have used many different amps and cabinets throughout the past 46 years of playing and 32 years of designing and building and I have to say that I love the tone I get from my Bergantino cabs.  I not only use them for the band I play bass for but for clients to hear […]

Bergantino Artist Eric Madunic

“My relationship with Bergantino Audio Systems cabinets started in August of 2013 when I purchased a brand new NV610 sight unseen based on a recommendation from a friend and also by reading countless great reviews about it. It wound up being the best “blind date” I ever went on because it has turned into a […]

Bergantino Artist Andrew Buntain

Andrew’s Statement:“Even after all these years, I continue to be impressed by the range of sounds the HT322 can produce. The 12 gives amazing growley but clear low-end reproduction, and the tweeter makes high notes and harmonics just sparkle. It’s powerful too! For touring, the strength of its output is more than up to the […]