Bergantino Artist: Duck

“The advantages of the Bergantino cabinet are their light weight and durability. This equipment sounds natural and gives the “original” sound of the instrument without distortion. It transmits the sound faithful to the essence of any instrument. In particular, the HDN112 is a good low-middle advantage, is expressed without shaking, and is very good in combination with the Contra bass.”

About the Forte Amplifier: “The compact size makes it easy to move, and the design is impressive. The front part is quite impressive. It has everything functional. The VRC feature is quite impressive. Apply naturally, hold down the Bright button, and select the maximum value, you can feel the attractive high range and effector applied. I think this amplifier is great for both the price and functionality of transistor amplifiers. It is easy to operate, press and hold the Bright button to switch to post EQ, and if you press and hold the mute button, the fan that cuts off heat at 2 ohms will work itself. The headphone button function is a great feature for moving players. It is also possible to play alone by using mr through the AUX terminal. It is comfortable for all bass players. Weight, design and functionality are all satisfactory. As with cabinets, it is the greatest advantage of the Bergantino Forte to provide that is quite natural sound.”

Location: Seoul, Korea

Bergantino Equipment Used: Bergantino Forte and the HDN112 & CN410 cab

Associated Bands: “Duck & Mo”

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