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About a year ago, fellow writer and all-around tech guru Jonathan Herrera put the feature-laden Bergantino B|AMP amp to the test, noting the benefits of its assortment of digital effects, tone options, and various cabinet profiles—all adjustable via a large LCD screen. The B|AMP earned a BP Editor’s Award, a testament to its high quality and flexibility. At the end of his review, Jonathan noted, “Whether or not you make use of the B|AMP’s innovative features, the head’s versatility and superb tone make it one of the best amps on the market.” As the newest member of the Bergantino lineup, the Forté provides an amp for those players who fall into the “not” category of that “whether or not” equation.

Bergantino Artist Story Adrian Leppard


Bergantino Artist Adrian Leppard is a very interesting bass player from Sydney Australia who I learned about from a great review he posted on our Facebook page. “Ampeg, Fender, Markbass, Aguilar, all make great gear, but since I have been using Bergantino the rest are all in the rear view mirror. The B-Amp/HD210/HD112 combination is a thing of beauty. Clean highs, tight bottom end and great with pedals. The Berg cabs also make my Aguilar heads sound great, it’s all good.”

From back packing around the world to ending up in one of his favorite places Australia Adrian shared his story on how he started playing bass with us.

“I started playing bass at the age of 14 when all my friends started playing guitar. Living in the West Country of England we played at school concerts, local halls and gradually further afield. Starting out with a cheap Japanese P-Bass copy, I then bought and sold a few basses over the next few years, including an Ibanez Studio ST-924, Ibanez Roadstar, Steinberger copy and a Jaydee Mark King. Amplification started with a 60’s Vox AC30 at my first gig (I knew it was a guitar amp but it sounded better than cheap little bass amps) and then another guitar amp with a Marshall 2098 JMP lead head (not much bass gear around my small town) with a homemade single 15” bass bin, before settling on a Peavey TNT130 Combo which I used to run with a Marshall 2×12 guitar combo (early attempt at getting top/bottom end combination and worked surprisingly well). By that time I was living in London and playing around pubs and clubs.”

“In 1986 I went back-packing around the world which started a 29 year absence from bass playing. In 1994 I emigrated to Australia, sold all my gear and to be honest didn’t really think about bass playing.”

“In 2015 my bass playing started again by chance with a conversation on Facebook. I kicked off with a Squier Classic Vibe 70’s bass and a Fender Rumble combo. I was back rehearsing again with a heavy rock band, playing a set that was not significantly different from a set I had played aged 15 some 36 years earlier! And that was when I started the search for ‘quality gear’ with my new found middle-aged ‘wealth’ – moving through Markbass and Ampeg before settling on Aguilar. Then in 2017 I was looking for a 410 to pair with my Aguilar DB751 and came across reviews for Bergantino and the HD410 and as luck would have it someone in Tasmania was selling a pair of HD210’s. After one rehearsal I was hooked. The power, the clarity, the tonal values were what I had been looking for. Quickly followed by a pair of HD112s and then a B-Amp I now have a highly flexible rig set up with my personal favorite being a HD210/112 combination which gets lots of love from fellow musicians when I play live. In the last few years I have played with a variety of different bands and styles – Rock, Goth, Soul, Blues, they all sound great with my Bergantino gear, whether I am using my Jazz, Precision or Stingray.”

“And of course there is then the great support from George at Bass Gear Direct in Sydney and Holly, Jim and the team in the USA.”

“Thanks Bergantino for helping to continue to make this musical journey a very happy one.”

Adrian has a very diverse list of influencers including Stanley Clarke and Bernard Edwards to Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and Flea of RHCP.  His playing style is now exclusively finger style although in early years he did us a pick. Favorite styles of music to play consist of old-school Stax soul or anything with a good groove.

Favorite quote?

“Nothing is worth more than this day” (Goethe)

The one song he loves to play the most is the last one that he learned. J

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Many Thanks Adrian for your time here and for sharing your story with us!


Jerrell Baker: Bergantino Artist


“The forte’ – Powerful, Endless tone control w/variable ratio compressor, portability at 6 lbs., 700 watts at 4 ohms, 800 watts at 2 ohms, with a beautiful rugged casing. By far the best amp i have ever owned. Paired with my Bergantino HDN 212  cabinets – this rig is hands down unstoppable!”

Location: Tampa, Florida

Bergantino Gear: forte head, HDN212’s


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Darien Pridham: Bergantino Artist

“My favorite features of the B|amp would have to be the adjustable Hz, Overdrive and distortion settings! The adjustable Hz really gives me the capability to dial in my tone in a whole different realm! Being able to control your frequency is huge and mixing that with just a bit of distortion or overdrive to give you a little bit of dirt on top really helps mitigate any frequencies you may not like! In my opinion it’s a home run combination!”

“The cabs are hands down the best cabs I’ve ever played thru! The clarity is so far above anything else on the market it’s mind boggling! You know right away if something your doing isn’t quite right, I guess you could say it’s like being under the studio microscope every time you plug in and I love that! These cabs also fill up a room with ease, I’ve never heard a cab that can sound so large and so beefy all while still being quiet! Again they’ve hit a home run with this product!”

Location: Crofton, British Columbia

Bergantino Gear Used: B|AMP & HDN212

Bands: Arbutus Roots, Raised Fourth and Chase Spencer band

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Bobby McCauley: Bergantino Artist

“I looked a long time for gear that was flexible, well built, loud but also portable, I finally found it with Bergantino Audio Systems. The B|Amp is the best amp I have ever used, ever. It is packed full of power and effects and everything you will ever need in only 6.5 pounds. I have the CN 112 Cabinets and they are punchy with extreme volumes and so light they are easy to move.”

Location: Amarillo, Texas

Equipment Used: Bergantino B|AMP,  CN 112 Cabinets


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Lee Presgrave: Bergantino Artist

I have been steadily gigging with the B|AMP through either my NV212T or NV412 and absolutely I love it…probably the best bass tone I’ve ever had. I like the Bergantino cabs for their overall sound quality and tight low end. The NV series has a rich, organic mid-range and highs that stay sweet and musical no matter what you feed it.”

“The B|AMP for me is the ultimate amp for a gigging bassist. It has all I need inside that little, miraculous box of love. It is articulate, responsive, loud, powerful and fits right into my gig bag with plenty of tools- including parallel compressor, chocolate cake, bright switch, tuner, adjustable high pass filter, semi-parametric EQ, multiple drive circuits, etc. It is super reliable- never a hiccup and feels like it’s still brand new. I can literally get just about any bass tone I’d ever need out of it.”

Location: Leesburg, Virginia

Equipment Used: B|AMP, NV212T, NV412

Bands: “Half Step Down”, “The Shallowz” & “Big Al’s Truck”

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