Posted on April 19, 2002

“Hey! My name’s Jae and I’m writing from NYC. I’ve been on the hunt for a small cab for my small club needs, and your HT112 fit the bill to a T. It’s, IMHO, the perfect combination of size & tone. I love how it’s soooo light and easier to carry than all the other 1×12’s. Getting in and out of taxicabs, up and down the many flights of stairs of my apartment building and subways, and setting up my rig, has never been easier. Also, I love how the slick neon green logo and silver grill look killer with my EA iAMP350. Very tasteful in an otherwise boring black-on-black cab world. And the fact that the tone is to die for is just icing on the cake! Your cabs are just unbelieveably vibey that’s round, full, and deep all glazed with a hifi sheen I just can’ seem to get enough of. After the Bergs, everything else just seems stiff and burpy with no character to speak of. Its a travesty, not to mention, a low down dirty shame your 1×12 didnt get the top tone honors in that BP review. Also, thanks for the super quick drop ship that you set up with my dealer. And a HUGE thanks for offering to let me use a loaner that you originally sent to Euphoria Studios! Speaking of which, I had rehearsals there not too long ago and have fallen head over heels with your 3x10s they use there. I was sooo amazed at the service you were willing to do for me, its made me a bonafide Bergantino user. Hopefully in a few years, when I’m rich and famous, I can become a Bergantino endorser, too! hehe…” “Keep up the incredible work and can’t wait to get that Bergie cover for my beloved 1×12!”

Posted on April 3, 2002

“Jim, thanks to Alex and “Bear” at ‘Century Music’ here in San Antonio, TX., I am now the owner of the best bass cabinet I’ve ever heard. My new HT310 has all the lows and more than enough highs.{the casters come in handy rolling thru parking lots}. The chrome grille really stands out on a dark stage. I’ve owned Ampeg , Acoustic , Sunn , Eden and Hartke cabinets for the last 23 years and none of them come close to your product. Also, none of the other manufacturers ever called to say “thanks” for buying their cabinet.Thanks again for building the best!”

Posted on Mar. 30, 2002

“Did I mention that your cabinets were the first audiophile quality cabinets for the bass?” James Kelsey Purific Bass Sound 770-641-0030

Posted on Mar. 18, 2002

“Hi Jim, After I heard your 1×12 at Bass Day this year, I knew it was what I was looking for. I play in a Christian theatre troupe that goes to a different church each week. The places we play look beautiful, but large stone rooms reak havoc on my sound. Now that I have your cab, I can get the nice clear sound I want in any room !! What a great sound !! The folks in the band are happy to hear me playing with a full tone – not too crisp, not to boomy. I am well pleased with your fine work. The keyboard player needed a monitor speaker one night (when I wasn’t playing) and used the cab – he loved it too !! Great clear full sound for his instrument !! This cab does everything but make coffee !! The padded cover makes it easy to carry and keeps it safe in my trunk. Kudos all around for a job well done !!” Tom Capasso

Posted on Mar. 8, 2002

“Jim, Beautiful cabs. I was dead set on a 2×10 Eden cabinet, but then a salesguy said “Check this out..” I plugged into the 2-12 and I have NEVER heard such a HUGE, CLEAN sound. The best part was my friend could hear me play 50 feet away in a noisy guitar store just as well as I did playing in front of it. I’m Sold.” Thanks, Matt Butner

Posted on Mar. 1, 2002

“Hi Jim, Just got my new cab covers and they’re everything I had hoped for. Thick, strong and beautiful. Well worth the wait. Thanks a lot. I’m really diggin my 15 and 2-10’s. You’re lucky to have a guy like Bob Doolittle @ Crossroads Music (Hanover MA) carrying your gear. He’s fantastic and really represents a product well. Keep up the good work and thanks again.” Brian Battles P.S. – T Shirts? Stickers? Hats? ••