Bergantino User Matt Young

Location: United Kingdom
Bergantino equipment used: 2 x HD112
Associated Band: Vita and the Vicious
Band Website: Vita and the Vicious

Bergantino User Jon Heywood

Location: United Kingdom
Bergantino equipment used: HT112ER/EX112ER
Associated Band: Freelance theatre musician
Website: Jon Heywood

Bergantino User Sam Van Moer

Location: Minneapolis MN
Bergantino equipment used: HT-322, HD112’s
Associated Band: Gracepoint
Website: Gracepoint

Bergantino User Rod Lowe

Location: Hobart, Australia
Bergantino equipment used: AE410, NV412
Associated Bands: Sugartrain, Steel Rose, Black Coffee
Band Website: Sugartrain

Bergantino User Russ Rodgers

Location: Washington DC
Bergantino equipment used: (2) CN112 Cabs
Associated Band: Actively Freelancing With Many Groups Of All Styles In The Mid-Atlantic Region
Website: Russ Rodgers

Bergantino User Mauro Catellani

Location: Italy
Bergantino equipment used: 2 x HD112, NV610
Associated Band: session player
Website: Mauro Catellani