Bergantino User Jon Heywood

Location: United Kingdom
Bergantino equipment used: HT112ER/EX112ER
Associated Band: Freelance theatre musician
Website: Jon Heywood

Bergantino User Sam Van Moer

Location: Minneapolis MN
Bergantino equipment used: HT-322, HD112’s
Associated Band: Gracepoint
Website: Gracepoint

Bergantino User Rod Lowe

Location: Hobart, Australia
Bergantino equipment used: AE410, NV412
Associated Bands: Sugartrain, Steel Rose, Black Coffee
Band Website: Sugartrain

Bergantino User Russ Rodgers

Location: Washington DC
Bergantino equipment used: (2) CN112 Cabs
Associated Band: Actively Freelancing With Many Groups Of All Styles In The Mid-Atlantic Region
Website: Russ Rodgers

Bergantino User Mauro Catellani

Location: Italy
Bergantino equipment used: 2 x HD112, NV610
Associated Band: session player
Website: Mauro Catellani

Bergantino User Cody Wright

Cody Wright & Chaisaray Schenck perform "Lone Wolf" Live!

Here is the second installment from an amazing evening with Cody Wright and Chaisaray Schenck. These guys are super talented and genuienly nice dudes. They are doing some big things, currently on tour performing all over the WORLD with the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra.My friends Cody Wright and Chaisaray Schenck stopped by while on tour with The Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and I was able to capture several great performances. Cody is an amazing Bass player with a very unique style that brings a very funky vibe. Chaisaray was killing it behind the kit, all he needed was Kick, Snare, Hats and he went to WORK! Cody is currently working on his debut album so be sure to keep an ear out for that and I highly recommend checking out the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, they are constantly touring and likely coming to a city near you. I have about 6 different tracks from this magically evening so be sure to check out the other videos on this Channel. This is #2Special thanks to Anthony Berg for mixing audio!Share it if you LIKE it!Check out more from Cody at: Scales Fourchestra :

Posted by Jody Miller on Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hey Jim!
Shot this is my living room, that bass is going through a cn112! Sounds killer. #‎allabouththatbass