Bass Guitar Magazine – Ben McKee, Imagine Dragons



Premier Guitar – Imagine Dragons Rig Rundown

This is a very cool Rig Rundown from Premier discussing Imagine Dragons’ Wayne Sermon and Ben McKee’s gear. If you want to see the bass gear portion you can go to 24:22 where Ben McKee talks about his bass, and the Amplifier Rundown is at 29:52. Ben McKee is a real bona-fide endorser of our products – he bought his gear from one of our dealers. Instead of getting a free speaker cabinet, or acquiring one at dealer cost from any of the other companies, he spent his money to get what he felt was the best – Bergantino




Premier Guitar – April 2015 Sublime in Anaheim


Sublime in Anaheim. The PG editorial team picks the 44 most intriguing, innovative, and flat-out rad instruments, amps and effects from the 2015 Winter NAMM show.