Where are your products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in the USA. We feel that this allows us to have the highest quality process and the shortest delivery times. All products are designed and engineered by Bergantino Audio Systems in Massachusetts. We are one of the few musical instrument companies whose name on the product badge is the same as the person designing our products.

I notice 3 different series of speaker cabinets. Why three? What are differences?

The HD series speaker cabinets are our traditional speaker cabinets. They use ceramic magnet woofers, Baltic-birch plywood ported cabinets, traditional tolex covering and have tweeters w/ level controls. Bergantino HD series cabinets are not as heavy as some of the other cabinets available, but will produce a more accurate, full-bodied and authentic representation of your bass guitar in live and studio settings. These cabinets are preferred by any player who wants the thick, round, creamy low-end that only a ceramic driver can generate.

The CN series speaker cabinets are our extremely lightweight speaker cabinet range. They use neodymium magnet woofers, Italian poplar-birch plywood ported cabinets, lightweight carbon tolex covering and have tweeters w/ level controls. Because of the increased cost of the Neodymium magnet material, imported wood for the cabinetry and the unique covering material, the CN series speakers cost more than the HD series, but may just be the right match for your playing style and weight needs. Perfect for any player that wants or needs to reduce the weight of their gear. The CN series have a sweet midrange that speaks very well for modern playing styles and fretless bass.

The NV series speaker cabinets are our nod to vintage speaker cabinets. They are built with ceramic magnet woofers, Baltic Birch plywood sealed cabinets and traditional tolex covering. The NV115 has a cone midrange, while the NV412T & NV610T have tweeters. The NV series have remained a favorite of finger style and pick players because of the tight, creamy low-end found with these cabinets. They sound great with tube amplifiers (pull out the V4B, Sunn Model T, Hiwatt, etc.) and these cabinets will make you smile. Vintage heaven! They will help you create that ‘old-school vibe’ with more attitude, higher power handling and increased clarity and focus.

What is ProNet pricing and why are your speaker cabinets priced this way?

There was at time when ‘List Price’ was the price you paid for a product. Over time discounting made list price meaningless. Discounts from list price makes it look like you are getting a great ‘deal’ because of the ‘discount’. We price our products fairly and we want to avoid all the ‘smoke and mirrors’. The price for our products are the same price every buyer pays. This creates a level playing field for all.

ProNet pricing also helps maintain a higher resale price of used equipment. This makes it easier to recoup your investment when it comes time to trade up to another Bergantino speaker cabinet. Higher resale value provides lower risk when purchasing a new cabinet and creates a lower cost of ownership.

Do you do artist endorsements?

We don’t do any ‘official’ endorsements. We use the term ‘official’ because we see everyone that buys one of our speaker cabinets as an endorsee. The highest form of support is when someone is willing to spend their hard earned money on something that they play and love, just as you all have done! Also, we honor and respect our dealers that are trying to keep their doors open and we try and facilitate their business in every way that we can. Sort of like if you play at a club for the door, but the owner fills it with his friends without charging.

Am I able to buy a speaker cabinet directly from Bergantino Audio?

We do not sell our products directly to the public. We have selected only the finest dealers to represent and sell our products and we feel that direct manufacturer sales go against the philosophy of having musical product dealers. We encourage you to support your local dealers – they are there to help you and serve your needs. Check out our dealer page for the closest dealer to you.