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Posted on Aug. 31, 2005

“Hey Jim, Josh over here in CT. Just sayin thanks for takin the time to fill me in! I’ve been using the HT210 and HT115 for months now and always gotten compliments on my sound. I loved it! Well, not until recently have I heard the true sound of these cabs. Purchasing some true power […]

Posted on July 26, 2005

“Hi Jim & staff, I’m working with the 210 and 115 for nearly three years now and it’s still f@#$% unbelievable !!! Still great tone and clarity. My next purchase (duh!!) will definitely be another Berg. ‘Till then I’ll be stompin’ hard with the “old stuff”. Keep the soul alive! Greetz from the Netherlands ” […]

Posted on May 9, 2005

“HOLY MOLY!!! I was blown away when I tested out the Bergantino HT112 & EX112 bass cabinets @ Guitar X. After I left the store I said to myself ” I got’s to sell my SWR cabinets”. I was so impressed with the clarity and amazed with the power handling of these cabinets(big sound in […]

Posted on May 9, 2005

“After a fairly exhaustive comparison, the day I heard the HT210, my search was over. I have been listening to all variety of cabinets, and my basic requirements in a 2×10 were: natural sound, ability to punch hard (when necessary) and not weigh a million pounds. I auditioned the “usual suspects” (ampeg, SWR, Hartke, Aguliar, […]

Posted on May 2, 2005

“I recommend Bergantino to anyone who asks. I realized a long time ago that I play better when I like my stage sound, so I have tried everything: Yamaha, Sunn, Ampeg, Eden… I stopped shopping when I heard an HT310 in 2003 at a friends’ house. I bought that one, then an HT210 for smaller […]