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Posted on Oct. 14, 2003

“Hi Jim. The Demeter HPB-1/Crown K-1 arrived about a week ago, and I must say you were right. The HT-322 definitely sings with more power. I’ve never sounded better. I run it pretty much flat, with the tweeter attenuator in the open position. Your cabinet is amazing. I haven’t been able to get it to […]

Posted on Oct. 7, 2003

“Hello, I wanted to drop a note here to give my impressions on my brand new Bergantino HT322. It arrived yesterday right in time for my rehearsal last night, plugged it into the WT800 and I’m completely speachless. I thought that there was nothing that could equal the sound of my Eden 410xlt….equal?…how bout, in […]

Posted on Sept. 20, 2003

“Ever wish you could get that great, direct-to-the board tone live? I am a utility player — in the course of an average year I will gig with bass (electric and acoustic, fretted and fretless), pedal steel, electric guitar (lots of different ones), acoustic guitar (including 12-string and classical), keyboard, banjo. I play just about […]

Posted on Sept. 20, 2003

“I’ve been playing bass for 5 years after a friend showed me how beautiful and important bass can be. He played a 6 string Ken Smith and SWR so I played that combo until I was introduced to Eden a year later. Then I played Smith and Eden and have been playing that for the […]

Posted on Sept. 9, 2003

“Love the cabs, but I wish you would bring the HT212 back!!”

Posted on Sept. 3, 2003

“Hello Jim, just a quick note to let you know that all four of my cabs are holding up really well.they are amazing. Thank you again” Your bass playing mad man friend in Atlanta GA. Kerry A. Creasy