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Bergantino Artist James Barthalow

“I have always been a die-hard Ampeg fan and user up until I found The Bergantino forté bass amp. It is the most clear sounding amp I have ever purchased. The main three basses I use are my Pedulla Bass Guitars Rapture Bass (single Active Bartolini pickup), American Precision Bass (Passive Geezer Butler EMGs) and my all time favorite my 90’s Warwick basses Fortress Bass (Active EMG PJ Pickups). Every bass has it’s own sound. With the Bergantino forté I can dial in a great tone fast and easily for any of my basses. Seems my old amps had just one sound but not the Forte. It let’s every bass sing with it’s own voice. Using different cabs proves just as easy to dial in a fantastic tone. I love my new Bergantino Amp forté . Looking forward to checking out the rest of The Bergantino products.”

Location: Deltona, Florida

Bergantino Equipment Used: The Bergantino forté

Associated Band: Plum Crazy


Bergantino Artist Jim Leach

“I’ve used the Bergantino Forte over the last two weekends and just love this amp. Dialing in the amp to get the tone you want is extremely easy. The bass is tight and the mid-range and treble are as clear as you want it to be. The headroom on this amp is also incredible and the Variable Rate Compression (VRC) is magical and simple to dial in to provide a level string response. I have received many positive comments from band-mates and the audience on just how great the amp sounds. Jim Bergantino has hit the ball out of the park with this amp!”

Location: Long Island, New York

Bergantino Equipment Used: Bergantino Forte’

Associated Band: 

Mountain Jam Orchestra (A tribute to the Allman Brothers)

Jacks O’Diamonds


Bergantino Artist James Higginson

“My main gigging rigs consist of an AE210 for smaller gigs, and an AE410 for when I need to bring the noise! Lightweight but solid and reliable, punchy, articulate, fat – these cabs are the real deal, no matter what you throw at them! I toured the French Alps in the winter with my AE410 – 130 gigs in 5 months, from big open festival stages to cramped, sweaty bars. The cab never let me down. To me that says it all!”

Location: London, England

Bergantino Equipment Used: Bergantino AE210 and AE410

Bands: – The Rocket Man – A Tribute to Elton John – THE Number 1 tribute to George Michael

Bergantino Artist Gene Richau

“LOVE your cabinets, (but my wife doesn’t). At one point my garage was beginning to look like a Bergantino museum. 1 AE410, 1 CN112, 2 HD112’s, a CN212 and the HG310. Have been downsizing the arsenal as of late but at one point I’m pretty confident she was considering sending me to therapy 😀 Thanks for doing what you do, you’re making a lot bassists happy, which is not an easy feat lol!!”

Location: Corona, California

Bergantino Equipment Used: Past rigs: AE410, AE212, AE112 stack, CN212, CN112/HD112 stack. Current rigs: HD112 stack, single HG310

Associated Band: Fear Of Phobias Band


Bergantino Artist Kevan Campbell

“The B Amp has been an incredible blessing for me; enough power to handle most rooms in Austin proper, an incredibly clean D.I. and useful EQ section for when I run out to a venue’s front-of-house, takes pedals quite well, small and portable enough to easily take with for fly dates. The HDN212 has been a powerhouse cab with the perfect balance of low end thump and high end clarity for me, and I LOVE how easy it is to carry.  Thanks for such great products, Jim!!”

Location: Austin, TX
Bergantino Equipment Used: B Amp, HDN212
Associated Bands:

Bergantino Artist Kevin Jones

“My Bergantino Audio Systems gear allows me to go from a completely crystal clear sound useful for theater calls with my fretless all the way to a 60s-70s over-driven tube tone that allows me to cover a British hard rock feel. In one gig, I might be needing to go from fuzzed out to modern funk within the course of one set, and with the flexibility of both the cabinets and the B|Amp, I can do it all. You could play the Amp with no special settings and totally flat for the rest of your life with incredible satisfaction, but it’s great to be able to dial in exactly what I need for a particular song. The gear is as flexible and creative as you are.”

Location: Baltimore MD

Bergantino Equipment Used: B|Amp, HDN 210, HDN 112

Associated Bands: Kevin will be playing at the Chesapeake Arts Center for eight upcoming shows of “Heathers” the musical. Sacred Heart Contemporary Choir, as well as many bands including the Third-Wall Productions, Charm City Players, Glyndon Area Players, and The Deviations.

Bergantino Artist Zack Guinn

“I didn’t realize how unclear my sound truly was until I found this combination of Head and Cabinet, the sound cuts through and can be heard very very clearly. I use a Genz-Benz GBE 1200 and the Bergantino HT322 love it!! I also would like to add that this cabin does as advertised, it truly holds tune and the B string rings out for that low feel and sound.

My friend recommended a Bergantino cabinet with a head that has a true transformer in it, it’s heavy but you can’t substitute power and you know what?….he was absolutely RIGHT!!”

Location: Fayetteville, NC
Bergantino equipment used: HT322 bass cabinet
Associated Band: The FATBACK BAND
Band Website:

Bergantino Artist: Ethan Wagner

The B-Amp and CN212-It’s easily the best rig I’ve ever owned. I was immediately blown away by the clarity and power of the B|AMP. I bought one of the first models shipped. Beast!”

Location: Alexandria,Virginia

Bergantino Equipment Used: B|AMP and CN212

Associated Band: Thursday Theory

Bergantino Artist Jason McQuarters

“I’ve never written a product review in all my 25 years of playing- however, I picked up a NV412 a few weeks ago to replace my Mesa 412 cab….WOW! I’ve heard only good things about Bergantino but to experience it first hand is a whole new level. Silky smooth tone but with still enough edge to be perfectly versatile.”

“My Bergantino family keeps growing.. Just added a HD 212 to the fold. Sounds just as mighty as its big brother. Such a huge sound for a small cab. Another amazing cab from the best in the business!!! Congrats Jim, you really do make the best cabinets in the industry. Keep it up!”

Location: Oceania, Australia

Bergantino Equipment Used: NV412 and HD212.

Associated Band: Slippery and Wet the Bon Jovi Experience

Bergantino Artist Chris Maresh

Location: Austin, Texas
Bergantino equipment used: B|Amp, NV610T
Associated Bands: Eric Johnson, Mike Stern, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Pinetop Perkins, Mitch Watkins, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Marcia Ball, Michael McDonald, Monte Montgomery, Ferenc Illenyi, Kellye Gray, Ellis Marsalis
Band Websites: Chris MareshEric JohnsonMike Stern