Bergantino Artist Claudio Rocha with “Smooth as Silk”. Claudio also shared his B|Amp settings he used on this track. Enjoy! Settings: Bass: 6.0 LMid: 0 HMid: -4.5 Trbl: 0 Compression (Ser): 10 O/D: 10 Drive Blend: 15%

Bergantino Artist Kevin Freeby and one quick thumb!

Bergantino Artist George Baldwin on display with his sublime sense of melody and articulation through through the B|Amp’s ultra-accurate DI.

Bergantino Artist Kevin Freeby displaying the prodigious amounts of warm and round tones on tap from the forté amp and NXV210.


Bergantino Artist Daniel Sing sat down to review of our very popular NXT212. Thank you, Daniel!

The always impressive Claudio Rocha loves his B|Amp. He writes: “I love playing smooth jazz tunes and my B|Amp fits perfectly in the style. One thing I love is the ability of having a smooth tone playing fingerstyle and crystal clear slaps…love it!”