The always impressive Claudio Rocha loves his B|Amp. He writes: “I love playing smooth jazz tunes and my B|Amp fits perfectly in the style. One thing I love is the ability of having a smooth tone playing fingerstyle and crystal clear slaps…love it!”

Jacob Smith shares: “The NXV has such a flexible range that takes you anywhere you need to be. The vintage tones with a P bass are absolutely incredible, then flip it around and get and active J bass sound, no problem. One of my favorite 12” cabs I’ve ever played!”

Bergantino artist Claudio Rocha writes, “I’m testing the last B|Amp update for this video…cool features! I’ve used the series compression and heavy overdrive but blending just at 10%, super useful! Love when I can feel the OD crispness but not necessarily “hearing” it. Jim nailed it

Bergantino Artist Jacob Smith doing this improv with his 2012 cs jazz bass, forté HP, and NXV112!


Bergantino artist Isaac Levy always impresses us with a groove beyond his years. Isaac is using the B|Amp!