Posted on Oct. 5, 2001

“It’s so nice having a 3×10 thats kicks the crap out of my big, heavy, hard to move 8×10. My 3×10 is louder AND sounds ten times better. What else is there to say for a rocker who swore never to play another cab but an 8×10. I have now eaten my words and saved my back.” Props Jim

Posted on Oct. 3, 2001

“Im a lonely session player out in LA who only gets gigs because he now own’s a nice pair of Jim’s fine speaker cabs a 3×10 and 2×12 that along with my Ashdown or my 69 SVT with a Tyler 6, Mike Lull 5 , 62p, Pedulla fretless 6, and 66 Tele bass and uprite and Taylor acoustic. I now sound like a real player. from the stadium, church or the LA bar my Bergantino’s ALWAYS sound good. So now that I sound good all I need to do is learn how to play 🙂 Thanks for making me sound so good Jim. God bless” Luke Agajanian

Posted on Aug. 31, 2001

“Absolutely loving your cabs; the 1-15 is everything you described and more! Believe it or not, I’ve ended up using it for all my smaller jazz gigs – it’s so warm and fat, yet very tight and articulate. And in combination with your 2-10….wow! A compact, killer rig. Overall, a distinctly noticeable difference from everything else I’ve used. I am very, very glad I met you!!!” Tom G.

Posted on Aug. 27, 2001

“Best cabs on the planet! Period. I will give them less than a year and everyone will be using them.” Trent

Posted on Aug. 27, 2001

“Move over SWR + EDEN, make way for the “best sounding cabs” ever!!! 3 X 10″ w/tweeter, and the 1 X 12″ w/ tweeter blew me and my Tobias + Kubicki away… we are all happier now knowing there is a high quality, great sounding, and damn good looking speaker cab / company out there. THANKS!” Peace—-Alan

Posted on Aug. 8, 2001

“In the week since I got my HT210, I’ve used it at a rehearsal, on a recording session and on a gig playing a wedding reception in a large ballroom. The performance of this cabinet has been outstanding. The sound is clean and true and it’s got a much bigger sound than you would expect given the compact size of the cabinet. I’ve been able to run the EQ of both amps that I’ve used (an Eden WT-400 and an Alembic F-1X driving an SWR ST-800) practically flat. I don’t have to use the EQ to compensate for how somebody else thinks my bass should sound. The Bergantino lets the natural tone of my basses come through. It is a very articulate cabinet. And, it’s the first cabinet I’ve ever played where you don’t hear the horn as a separate and distinct entity from the drivers. It is a wonderfully integrated sound. Without a doubt, this is the best sounding cabinet that I’ve ever heard. Thanks,Jim.” Tony K. – Wilmingon, DE