Hear your guitar again for the very first time! Introducing the AD Series (‘Advanced Design’) of guitar cabinets from Bergantino. These speaker cabinets are engineered from the ground up for performance, musicality, and definition of tone. They are not your grandfather’s guitar cabinet using an “off the shelf” speaker, stuffed into a generic box like everyone else’s. The AD112 and AD212 use our proprietary, custom drivers mated to a highly engineered cabinet which delivers articulate, accurate, and very musical tone. Notice the metal grille? This feature was deliberately chosen to ensure that the tonal transparency and accuracy of our custom engineered drivers are delivered to you, the artist, and to keep these qualities from being muffled and compromised by a cloth grille. In fact, did you know that’s exactly why grill cloth became the de facto standard for guitar cabs? To alleviate the harsh, ice-pick highs on many of the most sought after guitar speakers! We also use Baltic birch cabinetry, cut to close tolerances, to ensure our custom drivers perform to their exact intended specifications and carry forth all your musical creativity as you intended and wanted to hear!

The internal components used are extremely high quality and they are of Bergantino design. Our custom designed AD series drivers have ceramic magnets and the low-end on this series of cabinets is full and round – they can handle high power output from your amplifier. The AD series have a tight-creamy low end with an extremely balanced tone, while staying very open and articulate. Each of the AD series cabinets are covered in durable black tolex, have mounted rubber feet and include a high-impact metal grill for durability and acoustical transparency.