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$200 savings!


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Bergantino B|Amp

DSP, Embedded System Control

Software Upgradable

Load Custom Speaker Profiles

700W @ 4-Ohms, 800W @ 2.67/2-Ohms


Bergantino HDN Series

Ultra Lightweight!

High Power Capacity Neo-Drivers

Available in 1-12", 2-12", 2-10" & 4-10"


Bergantino HD Series

High Definition Design

High Power Capacity Ceramic Drivers

Available in 1-12", 2-10" & 4-10"


Bergantino NV Series

Sealed Cabinet Design

High Power Capacity Ceramic Drivers

Available in 1-15" & 6-10" w/ Tweeter


AD Series Electric Guitar Cabinets

Custom Designed Drivers

Acoustically Transparent Metal Grille

Precision Engineered Sealed Cabinet


HG Series Acoustic Instrument Speaker

'Holo-Graphic' 3D Sound Field

Sealed cabinet for Defined Low End Response

High Intelligibility Compression Driver w/ Constant Directivity Horn

The Bergantino Audio Systems’ B|Amp is an incredibly flexible, state-of-the-art Bass Amplifier, delivering maximum performance in a compact package. The B|Amp takes a completely new approach to bass amplification by considering and including the speaker cabinet’s response as part of the amplification signal path.

The High-Definition series speakers use the finest ceramic magnet drivers available and employ precision tuned ported cabinets made of 100% Baltic birch plywood. These cabinets produce an accurate, full-bodied and authentic representation of your bass guitar in live and studio settings.

The HDN series speakers are extremely lightweight utilizing the highest quality neodymium woofers. The ported cabinetry is a combination of lightweight poplar and birch plywood. These lightweight speaker cabinets have a punchy low-end and a very sweet midrange that is placed forward in the sound field.

NV Series speakers use 100% Baltic birch precision tuned plywood sealed cabinets and the finest ceramic magnet drivers with vented pole pieces. This combination provides a tight low-end and immediate bass response. These are a favorite of finger style and pick players because of the tight, creamy low-end found with these cabinets.

Hear your guitar again for the very first time! These speaker cabinets are engineered from the ground up for performance, musicality, and definition of tone. They are not your grandfather’s guitar cabinet using an “off the shelf” speaker, stuffed into a generic box like everyone else’s.

3-Dimensional sound for your acoustic instrument! These speaker cabinets are engineered from the ground up for performance, musicality, and definition of tone. Custom designed drivers, HG Series tweeter and crossover loaded into a sealed chamber provides accurate acoustic amplification.