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Bass Guitar Magazine Review of the HDN 112, 210 and forte’

Bergantino continues to innovate, with stunning bass reproduction in a small and light weight package.

Read the Bass Guitar Magazine reivew of the Bergantino forté head, HDN-210 and HDN-112 cabs

Bass Gear Magazine 2020 Best of Show NAMM the Bergantino NXT Speaker Cabs

Bass Guitar Magazine, Best Amp Head Winner 2019 Bergantino’s forte’

Bass Gear Magazine awards ‘Best Amp Head’ to the Bergantino forté in Gear of the Year 2019

Bass Magazine Review of the Bergantino forte’ HP

Bass Magazines Review of the Bergantino forte’ HP

“Since the player experience is essentially identical to that of an analog amp, the Forté HP is easy to get up and running. I simply found the gain setting that worked with my test basses (which included a ’66 Fender Jazz, F Bass BN5, Moollon P-Classic, and a Callowhill MDM 5-string), and then I used the master knob to bring the loud. And loud it was. Paired with my Bergantino HT-322 cabinet, the Forté HP immediately demonstrated its ungodly power and seemingly limitless headroom. While Class D/SMPS amps of yore sometimes didn’t live up to their on-paper specs, the Forté HP felt every bit the 1,200-watt amp it claims to be. I cannot imagine a setting that would require swifter and more compliant power delivery on tap.”  Jonathan Herrera, Bass Magazine

Bergantino forteHP Beauty Shot






Guitar Interactives Dan Veall reviews softward upgrade feature sets of the Bergantino B|Amp

Dan Veall reviews all of the software upgrades for the B|Amp. Great video of all of the features. Read more on the link below the video.

Dan’s review: