Michael Tobias Design

We are Michael Tobias Design, luthiers of some of the finest handcrafted American instruments. We specialize in the creation of custom basses and guitars, with a great emphasis on sound, playability, and of course the look of each instrument. Every instrument is built-to-order, built to last, and built to match each player’s needs— but don’t just take our word for it, visit one of our dealers and try one for yourself!

“The forté and HDN212 is one of our main shop rigs. The clarity and transparency make this rig exceptional for hearing everything that the bass delivers”

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Parizad Hatcher


In order to produce the perfect instrument, the Luthier must be skilled in many disciplines. A background in musical performance, training in both math and science of sound and its creation, knowledge and experience in woodworking (both technical and aesthetic), study with a well-known, experienced luthier, and of course experience as a bass player to access playability and ergonomic issues would all be highly desirable.   Each PHD Bass is crafted from one of our original designs, representing an artistic blend of refined ergonomics, effortless playability and impeccable tone.

“My first thought when I plugged my bass into your amp was, “This is how I want my basses to be heard.”

“What I look for in an amp is a transparent signal with a low noise floor and a pragmatic, utilitarian preamp that works intuitively. I don’t want to read a book to learn how to use an amp. And I don’t want to spend my time with a customer explaining an amp to them. I want them to hear my bass without a lot of coloring from the amp and then be able to make minor adjustments with the preamp to get the frequency spectrum dialed in.”

Parizad has the NV412 speaker and the forté bass head.

Parizad Full interviewhttps://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2019/11/luthier-spotlight-parizad-hatcher/

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Marcel and George Furlanetto – F Bass

F Bass has been handcrafting instruments out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada since 1978. Even though we build for today’s player, we want our instruments to play and feel like great vintage basses. At F bass, quality and craftsmanship are the standards by which we live. I am extremely proud of our F basses, as are the musicians who play them.

“The Bergantino Forté has become one of our main reference amps at F Bass HQ. The clarity, transparency, and focused low end not only make it a fantastic showroom rig, but as an R&D rig as well—allowing us to hear even the smallest of design changes.”

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Sheldon Dingwall – Dingwall Guitars

Dingwall Designer Guitars is a manufacturer of bass guitars and electric guitars based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It employs the fanned-fret system started by Novax Guitars for manufacturing basses, increasing the scale length of the strings on the bass side of the guitar compared to the treble side.

“The B|Amp has all the tone shaping you could possibly want but even set flat it sounds amazing! I’m a fan!”

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Dtc Guitars Custom Shop founded in 2012 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. We use high quality wood and excellent workmanship to make top-grade guitars and basses.

“The first time I used the Bergantino audio system, it was a big surprise, its sound is very powerful and clear, and the details are great!”

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Chuck Thornton – CP Thornton Guitars

In June 2004 we opened the doors! It is you, my enthusiastic customers, who allow me to be an artist.To date I have personally built hundreds of guitars and basses. With CP Thornton Guitars, I am fulfilling a lifetime dream… to create heirloom quality instruments for musicians who seek that rare balance between breathtaking beauty and engineering excellence, instruments that are at the same time a work of art, and the means to producing art.I have so many people to thank for helping me live my dream but none more than my loyal and enthusiastic clients, the players, the men and women who put their souls into their music using the instruments I’ve put my soul into. I’m not mentioning all of your names, but you know who you are, and I thank you for believing in me and supporting me.

“Whether I’m testing a new bass or playing one I use two Bergantino 210 cabs with ceramic magnets, they sound great.”

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