Bergantino Artist Isaac Levy laying down a solid groove to a cool beat in this one. Enjoy! Isaac is using the B|Amp.

A quick clip of Bergantino Artist Matthew Denis in the studio and the custom tube screamer circuit he helped create for forté HP.

Side Hustle’s new original composed by the one and only Kevin Freeby! This video features Abram Majors on drums, Ian Patrickler on guitar, Kevin Freeby on bass and Ross Rizzo, Jr. on Sax/EWI.

Claudio Rocha demonstrates THAT TONE! The B|Amp, with its amazing toolbox, facilitates getting him there…oh…and his chops help, too. Thanks Claudio!

Ayumu amazes us with using a pick and his fingers for this beautiful mix. Ayumu is using the B|Amp.

Bergantino Artist Daniel Sing with his live arrangement of BET. Daniel is using the forte’ bass amp and an HG410.