Dave Hope

Bergantino Artist Dave Hope

Bergantino Audio Systems is proud to welcome Dave Hope to their family of artists. An industry icon and founding member of Kansas, Dave and his band of misfits combined elements of jazz, rock and operatic anthems in their music. Dave’s bass played an immense role in the band’s success by marrying Kansas’ complex melodies with texture, creative dissidence, hooks and riffs. He says: “I’m loving my Bergantino Forté HP and my highest compliment is that at the age of 71, for the first time in my life, I am not in the market for an amplifier or a bass! I now have the best of both for my needs.”

Dave Hopes Interview with Bergantino’s Lee Presgrave

Dave uses the new NXV 210 (Neo X-Treme Vintage) and the Forté HP



Bergantino Artist Ayumu

Bergantino Audio Systems is honored to welcome all the way from the Japanese city of Sapporo bassist, Ayumu, to Bergantino’s endorsing artist roster. Ayumu is an incredible player who also conducts instruction, clinics, and writes for Bass Magazine in Japan.

“The clean sound of this amp is very clear and beautiful. I really like that.”

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Ayumu’s story

Watch this stunning video of Ayumu using the B|Amp:



Bergantino Artist Dave Swift

Bergantino Audio Systems is honored and excited to welcome UK bassist, Dave Swift, to Bergantino’s endorsing artist roster.

Starting with trombone as his first instrument at the age of 14, then picking up the bass a year later, Dave Swift has had an amazing musical journey and career. Consequently, he now has established himself as one of the UK’s finest high-profile bass players.

Throughout that nearly 40-year career, Dave has amassed a truly impressive performance portfolio working with some of the finest musicians and artists in the world. These include playing and recording with George Benson, Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Adele, Michael Bublé, Smokey Robinson, Bonnie Raitt, Amy Winehouse and Ed Sheeran, to name but a few … oh and not to forget that Dave has also played with three of The Beatles and two of The Rolling Stones! Dave has also been the featured bassist on seven double platinum selling albums.

Between his professional work with Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, recording sessions, TV and radio performances, tour dates and his must-read columns for Bass Guitar and Bass Player magazines, Dave certainly is one of the busiest bassists in the UK music scene today.

Regarding his new relationship with Bergantino, Dave Swift said:
“I’m very discerning when it comes to bass amplification, particularly at this stage in my career. In recent times I’ve been craving far greater control over my sound, wanting to sculpt the tone I hear in my head in a specific way, with surgical-like precision, so I have been searching for an update to my gear that would fit me the best. For me, playing double bass, electric upright bass and bass guitar on tv, radio and on tour requires amplification that is reliable, versatile, intuitive and inspiring. It also has to be physically light, but still full-bodied & muscular sounding, yet also be an interchangeable and modular rig. Not to mention when it comes to the quality of the amplified sound itself, I need to be seriously impressed.

From the moment I auditioned the Bergantino gear, the accuracy, articulation and detail from their amps and cabs was nothing short of breath-taking. Jim Bergantino is also a genius! He’s clearly a mind reader too, because within my Bergantino B|AMP is every desired feature I would’ve chosen if I was designing the amp myself, plus when connected with my HDN-112 & HDN-210 cabinets, the immediacy, clarity, richness and definition of sound is absolutely exceptional. Congratulations Jim, you did it!”

Founder Jim Bergantino commented:
“It’s been such a pleasure getting to know Dave on both personal and professional levels. We both share the same love of great Italian food and the ability to carry on a conversation! It’s always great talking ‘shop’, learning about his amplification challenges and experiences, both live and in the studio over the course of his career. We spent one of those long conversations going over the feature set of the B|AMP, explaining how it could address these challenges and help him achieve his desired tonal goals. As an engineer, I know working with Dave so closely will certainly help to push the envelope of our bass amplification designs well into the future.

Welcome to the Bergantino family Dave, we’re all looking forward to working and growing with you in the years to come!”

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Bergantino Artist Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith was born and raised and currently living in DFW TX.  Jacob Smith is a local top call Acoustic, Electric and synth Bass player. From 2007-2011 He attended the University of North Texas and played in the prestigious One O’ Clock Lab Band. From 2011-2013 he was a member of the late Bob Beldenʼs fusion group, Animation. With Animation he recorded the album “Transparent Heart”, and toured America, London and Spain. He also has performed with artists including Leon Bridges, David Ramirez, Jimi Tunnell, Dennis Durick, Darcy James Argue, George Colligan, Stockton Helbing, Ed Soph, and more. Music has been his main drive and passion since the age of 9 and continues to motivate him daily in support of his family. He has studied with John Adams, Lynn Seaton, Dominique Di Piazza and Matthew Garrison. Jacob Smith plays Fodera Basses and Bergantino Amps. His music is available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.

“I first found Bergantino about 8 years ago. I was in the market for a new speaker and I was looking for the best. After reading countless reviews and information I settled on a CN212 which resulted in some of the best tone I’ve been able to get from a rig. Then just last year after rediscovering my love for the 212 cabinet, I started talking with Holly and Jim. They were kind enough to bring me on their artist roster. I love the clarity their products bring, especially at high volumes. It packs a huge punch without sacrificing tone which I love. Then add to that the Eq tools needed to successfully adapt to a less than friendly room acoustically and you can’t go wrong!”

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Bergantino Gear: CN212, HG410, B|Amp, forte’ HP, NXV112, NXT212

Jacob Smiths Story: https://bergantino.com/bergantino-artist-jacob-smith-shares-his-bass-journey-with-us/

Social Links:


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNtphpdS4Ip5H5jQTemkljw

Website: http://www.jacobsmithbass.com/

Music: JacobSmithBass.Bandcamp.com


Bergantino Artist Ben McKee

Benjamin Arthur McKee is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer. He is also the bassist for the pop rock band Imagine Dragons and we are very proud to be working with Ben.

“I’ve been using Bergantino cabs since we started Imagine Dragons in 2009. Never have I once had an issue or have I ever been jealous of somebody else’s sound. Bergantino delivers quality tone and craftsmanship without sacrifice. On stage or in the studio, they can’t be beat.”

Bergantino equipment used: NV412, NV115, B|Amp
Associated Band: Imagine Dragons
Band Website: imagine dragons

Interview with Ben McKee in Bass Player Magazine with Holly Bergantino


Social Links:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benamckee/?hl=en

Imagine Dragons: https://www.imaginedragonsmusic.com/

Bergantino Artist Claudio Rocha

As a session player and sideman from Sao Paulo, Claudio is best known as the bassist for the “Brazilian Idol” TV show, X-Factor Brazil and for touring with Disney Brazil’s High School Musical – A Seleção. His studio work can be found in the records of top brazilian artists including Claudia Leitte, Daniel, and many others.

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Gear: The Bergantino B|AMP, NXT112

Claudio’s Story: https://bergantino.com/bergantino-artist-claudio-rocha-3/

Social Links:

Instagram: @claudioracha1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claudio.rocha.7547

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/cruco68/featured