Bergantino Audio Artist Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon is an American bass guitarist and vocalist most recognized as a founding member of the band Phish. In addition to bass, Gordon is an accomplished banjo player, and is proficient at piano and guitar.

Bergantino Audio is proud to share that Mike Gordon’s Solo tour where he announced his New Solo Album ‘Flying Games’ that his amp choice for all solo tours is the new Bergantino Forte HP2.

Mike on the Forte HP2:

“Firstly, there is a clarity and immediacy that I sense, and on top of that there is a lot of punch. It’s almost a cliche, but that’s what we bassists seek a lot of the time – punch – and this has it. Moreover, there is a lot of control. It’s a good situation because there are a bunch of extra knobs to add things, and every knob I turn up makes it sound even better. Win win.” 

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