All products must be purchased new from an authorized Bergantino Audio Systems dealer to have a product warranty.

Thank you for choosing Bergantino Audio for your amplification solution. We know that you have a choice and we appreciate your patronage.

Please take a moment to register your new Bergantino Audio product with the form below. Our simple process will get you in the system and only takes about 2 minutes. Don’t forget, you will need your product model number and serial number.

This registration will allow you access to warranty service (if ever required) and will allow us to provide you with product updates and improvements. Please note that you still need to provide proof of purchase when submitting a warranty claim, so hang on to your receipts!

Failure to register your product may result in your product not having a manufacturer’s warranty. Bergantino Audio Systems products are only covered under limited warranty to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase from an authorized Bergantino Audio Systems dealer and a sales slip or purchase invoice is necessary for warranty service.

Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

Owner's Address
Owner's Address

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