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Forté D Bass Amplifier

World Beating Lightweight Bass Amplifier. BFT (Big Fat Tube) Technology

  • Lightweight, reliable and powerful Bass Amplifier
  • Single-knob BFT (Big Fat Tube) Drive circuit
  • Parallel Dynamic Circuitry
  • State-of-art DSP
  • Micro-Controlled, Embedded System
  • Simple interface
  • Video Review:
Bergantino forté D

Forté HP2 bass Amplifier

Hyper-Powered Lightweight Bass Amplifier

  • User adjustable, parallel compression.
  • Drive Circuit:  Goes from Soft Clip “purr” to mix shredding distortion.  Featuring our new proprietary B.S.D. (Bergantino Smart Drive) technology.
  • Variable Low-Pass (VLPF) and Variable High-Pass (VHPF) filters, critical for precise tone shaping and taming of the most challenging gigging environments.
  • An additional 3dB of dynamic headroom.
  • Video Demo:
Bergantino forte HP2

Super Pre Bass Preamp Pedal

An expansive, ultimate toolbox for players to dial into their sound

  • Lightweight and durable casing
  • Two Studio-Quality DIs – Pre and Post, Latency compensated
  • Ultra-crisp and easy-to-read OLED display
  • Programmable Filters: Bright Switch, Variable High-Pass Filter, Variable Low-Pass Filter, Variable Feedback filter
  • 4-Band Multifunction EQ with adjustable frequency range and “Q”
  • Video Demo:
Bergantino Audio Systems Super-Pre

NXT Series

Bergantino NXT 210

NXT – Neo X-Treme Technology

The Bergantino Audio Systems’ NXT (Neo X-Treme Technology) series represent the next generation of neo technology speakers in the Bergantino lineup. Loaded with our new NXT motor technology, the NXT series is available in four models: The NXT112 w/ tweeter, ENXT112 wo/tweeter, NXT210 w/tweeter, and the NXT212 w/tweeter.

The precision tuned cabinets are made from the finest light-weight Italian Poplar with a Baltic Birch baffle, to reduce overall cabinet weight while still retaining the structural integrity paramount in high SPL applications. The exterior of these cabinets are finished in a durable bronco tolex for long life and cabinet protection. A rigid black metal grill is utilized to protect the drivers from damage.

NXV Series


NXV – NEO X-Treme Vintage

The Bergantino Audio Systems NXV (NEO X-Treme Vintage) series of lightweight bass cabinets retain that great Bergantino tone, but in a more classic vintage looking and sounding package. Taking its cue from our award-winning NXT line of cabinets, the NXV series was designed to give the user a more old school playing experience.

The vintage voicing of the NXV range means that no tweeter was needed to be implemented in the design, as NXV’s driver’s high frequency response extends high enough to please those players who want a solid and classic bass tone. Perfect for blues, soul, rock, metal and many other styles of music, the premium components in the NXV series will bring your sound to life, sit you in the mix with the punch and quality tone you crave, yet give you the flexibility to cut through when it is your time to shine.

Reference II Series

Bergantino Reference Series 112 Bass Cabinet

Uncompromising Ceramic Tech

Introducing the Reference II Series of bass cabinets from Jim Bergantino, featuring the Reference II Series 112 (Based on the original Ref112), and the all-new Reference II Series 115. With a new look and still utilizing ceramic magnets, the Reference II Series epitomizes the technology that bass tone was built on for more than half a century.

To help these new cabinets enjoy the highest ratio of “pound” per pound without compromising the tone and performance of ceramic-based speakers, we utilized a lighter weight, poplar ply shell while maintaining our Baltic Birch baffle for an unyieldingly solid bass tone with prodigious amount of presence and warmth in the low end.

Please note for verification all inquiries for discounts must go through the contact form and email below direct to

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