forté HP2 sample settings

Lightly Pushed Tube Preamp

For that tone so many seek in the studio and for live gigs. A big, authoritative tube amp with its preamp just on the verge of breakup. Pure sonic bliss.

Harmonic Chime

This setting really emphasizes the natural pick response that can give you just the right amount of presence to define your tone and help you cut through in the band context, all the while staying in your lane.

Big Time Harmonic Chime with Grind

Tired of being drowned out and buried by your band? Well, have we got a setting for you! Try this and adjust the Drive to taste. Also, engaged the Punch if you dare for maximum torque and horsepower.

Slap City

Attention slappers, scoop those mids out, run that Vlpf all the way counterclockwise, engage the punch and bright at 7K. This is Slap City.

Riding the Rails

Nothing quite like pushing an amp to the rails and basking in bass glory. Hold on to your hair with this setting, it fly off faster than a toupee at a fan factory. Dial in more or less drive to taste.

Pushed Tube Pre and Power Amp

For the more is better crowd, this takes a lightly pushed tube preamp setting and adds the third-order harmonic goodness of a tube power amp saturating.

Motown with Mids

Ever wanted that rolled off Motown tone that you get with a P bass but with more midrange? Try this instead of rolling off the passive tone control on your bass. Motown goodness but with bassline defining midrange…oh yeah.

Flat Nasty

Flat gnarly filth. This setting is maximum drive that gets you into fuzz territory all the while preserving your fundamental bass tone. It’s pretty crazy when soloed but try it in the band context, you just might be surprised.