F Bass

F Bass has been handcrafting instruments out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada since 1978. Even though we build for today’s player, we want our instruments to play and feel like great vintage basses. At F bass, quality and craftsmanship are the standards by which we live. I am extremely proud of our F basses, as are the musicians who play them.

“The Bergantino Forté has become one of our main reference amps at F Bass HQ. The clarity, transparency, and focused low end not only make it a fantastic showroom rig, but as an R&D rig as well—allowing us to hear even the smallest of design changes.”

Sheldon Dingwall

Dingwall Designer Guitars is a manufacturer of bass guitars and electric guitars based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. It employs the fanned-fret system started by Novax Guitars for manufacturing basses, increasing the scale length of the strings on the bass side of the guitar compared to the treble side

“The B|Amp has all the tone shaping you could possibly want but even set flat it sounds amazing! I’m a fan!”