Posted on April 14, 2007

“I have all kinds of rigs GK800RB with Hartke 215 and 210 at the Church. Then I have SWR head and 4×10’s at my partners house just in case we rehearse at his house. Then I have an Eden 210 combo and Eden WT800 along with the 4×10 and the 1×18 cab but 2 years ago I bought the HT322 CAB from Rudys in NY and I played it a few times and stuck it back in the garage. But a few months ago I built a studio and I needed a rig for pratice so I pulled it out and dusted it off and I tell you I’m now trying to sell all my Eden, SWR, and Hartke cabs. In fact all I use live is the one cab and it kills. I pulled the Eden off the group van and put it in my partners Garage and I put the WT322 on the van for my live gigs. I play Gospel so some times I’m a big Church and sometimes it’s small. But as of yet I have not heard any cab that can compete against the Bergy 322. I can’t wait to hear the IP product. I’m waiting to hear the suggestion of what to add to my rig for the bigger Churches for more bottom. Thanks for your creativity. ” IJack