Posted on April 17, 2006

“Every night before I go to sleep, I pray to the BASS gods and especially Saint Bergantino! I have owned the IP112 for a couple on months now and held off on posting a review because I wanted to really work it first. I have owned the EX112 for several years and sold my HT112 when I purchased the IP112 from Rudy’s in NYC. I must admit Jim’s new approach took awhile to get use to because I love knobs, sliders and switches. Kind of the way I felt when I went into my first digital studio (guess I’m an analog kind of guy) but the combination IP112 and the EX112 is explosive in sound and is so easy to use. The volume is more then most bass players will ever need. At rehearsals, my volume is set at about 4 on the dial…and we are a loud band. Before I got the IP, I ran the EX and HT with an Iamp 800 and would have to push the amp to be heard. The IP is much louder. It has beautiful tone and bottom end. Mids and highs are great too. My drummer complements me on them still and he has been listening to them now for several months. I have never played and not had someone come up and complement me on my sound. I have been running my system with the Line 6 BASS POD xt LIVE. I have everything turned off. I only use it for volume and the tuner. I occasionally use an effect but the IP really sounds great by it self and really doesn’t need anything else. The only reason I keep the Line 6 is because it would cost me just as much to buy a new volume pedal and a good floor tuner. Also, Jim was great and spent about an hour of his time on a Sunday talking to me about the setup. It does take getting use to not having an amp on top of your speakers or no knobs to tweak. Now I really play with the pre amp on the guitar which is something I really didn’t do much before the IP. The system hasn’t fell short in any area and I highly recommend Jim’s products as they deliver what I believe is the best bass sound on the market today! Thanks Jim for all your support and a great sounding bass rig!!”