Posted on April 18, 2015

I first found out about Bergantino cabinets from a friend of mine that said if I really want to hear what my bass was meant to sound like, I should try a Bergantino cabinet. I was in the market at the time for a 6×10 cabinet, so I ordered an NV610 without ever playing through one and was running on faith based on reviews and comments I read on and by my friend’s suggestion. I received the cabinet and coupled it with my Aguilar DB751 and was completely blown away (literally, haha!). I have been told repeatedly from other musicians, that it’s the best bass cabinet they’ve ever heard. Thus started my love affair with Bergantino cabs. They are all I use now and since getting the NV610, I’ve also acquired an NV215 and an HD410. They are best sounding cabinets I have ever heard and I look forward to adding more Bergantinos to my stable!! Bergantinos are the best!!

Eric Madunic