Posted on April 21, 2013

“I originally bought an AE410 about 4 years ago, and loved it so much I bought a matching 2 10…then another….and now last year an additional AE410 its a beautiful wall of Berg’ AE’s and as I read through the comments on your site, with the glowing reviews, I am only going to repeat what others have said. For me- punch, clarity, top, bottom, mid, and the true sound of your bass and head are what Berg delivers, pure audiophile bliss, and the ability to take a heavy load for years!) I play via HL 1000, MBT800, and MB SA450, so these power my AE wall – no speaker fatigue, light, loud, with a great bite and growl, punch, and clank…using Dingwall, Ricks, Fenders, Fretless’ galore, every bass sounds like it was meant to. Your cab’s make me love my basses more! I can’t wait to hear the new CN series when they get to my neck of the woods! ”