Posted on April 6, 2017

Bought the B-Amp a little while back now, after initially buying a Genzler Magellan 800 – which is another great amp, but it just didn’t suit me. For the record…. I’ve used ALL TUBE amps all my life….since I was 14 & my dad bought me a 100w tube VASE BASSMAN (Australian made Fender copy) as he said at the time ” You’re starting to play in bands now so it’s no use getting you something you’ll need to upgrade in 6 months” – wise words!!!! So… I go for a CLEAN all tube tone ideally!

The B-Amp fit me like a glove from the 1st note. Thats WITHOUT engaging any cab profiles, onboard fx etc… It just SOUNDS GREAT from the get go. And, if ya want, you CAN simply use it as a standard amp with 4 eq BANDS- LOW, LOW-MID, HIGH-MID & TREBLE…. BUT, if you desire …it’s got SO much more available.

I haven’t got time right now to elaborate on ALL it’s goodness that even I have used & I’m more of a “PLUG n PLAY” type. I use memory 1 for a my typical use tone – a touch of COMPRESSION, a touch of OVERDRIVE( just so it adds a li’l fur if i DIG IN) & the EQ pretty much flat. I use memory slot 2 for a slightly boosted lows & low mids for my (rare) slap times, & No memory I set to be a basic clean tone. Tho for 95% I use my memory 1 setting.

Nothing BUT compliments on my tone from all that I’ve worked with so far. Love it!