Posted on Aug. 03, 2006

“I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of your amazing little speakers – HT112’s. I’m fairly sure I’m the only one around here to have them. I’ve just got back from Bass NW in Seattle, and plugged them straight into my rig (Eden WT 800B, in stereo, with Drawmer compressor, Aphex Aural Exciter 204, Lexicon MPX 1, and EBS Stereo analogue chorus, Bass IQ and Octabass pedals) with the same settings I had for the Aguilar 112’s. Firstly, I had to turn down, because your speakers are more efficient, and next step was to remove all the EQ I had to use on the Aguilars to try to get some of the midrange back. These little things are extraordinary; rich, deep, punchy, loud, and with the sweetest top end in the business. Finally, my MTD 635 fretless masterpiece has the sound it deserves; the top range of that bass has sounded thin and scratchy through all the cabinets I’ve used; with the Bergies, thick and rich. And they are small! I could fit at least three in the trunk of my car; with the Aguilars, I could only fit one because of the shape. Anyway, thank you, Mr. Bergantino, for building such a great little cab; I’m really busy this month (25 gigs – almost like a real job!), and everything from jazz, to Afro-Cuban fusion, to R&B and Pub-Rock gigs, and one big outdoor East Indian Festival with a singer, flamenco guitarist, and a tabla player, so I’ll report back to you after a few gigs. But I can already tell that all the midrange that was so lacking in the Aguilars is there in abundance now, with a nice controlled low frequency response. Next step – two IP’s to match, and trade all this other crap in on an Avalon preamp – I’ll just keep the Lexicon.” Sincerely, Cameron Hood