Posted on Aug. 10, 2004

“My guitar player has serious G.A.S. At his request, and with no further intentions, I stopped into Rock City Guitars in Somerville Ma. to try the Bergantino cabs. I was VERY pleased with the sound I had acheived over the years with my rig. Not only were both owners courteous professionals, but also very down to earth bass players who truly knew their stuff. That day it became a mission as a bass player to become a Bergantino user. I have recently replaced my Ampeg SVT-410HE with horn and SVT-18, with the Bergantino 322. I actually TURN OFF my graphic EQ, and have leveled out my parametric a bit due to the true quality sound of the Berg’. The 322 ALONE DESTROYS my old cabs together. Not only have I trimmed down my gear, but I have a sound that bass players and sound guys’ jaws’ hit the floor when they hear it. Thanks both to Bergantino, and Rock City Guitars in Somerville Ma.”