Posted on Aug. 15, 2002

“After having a lovely chat with Jim Bergantino on the phone, I ordered an HT112 from the folks at Rock City Guitars in the Boston area. Lo and behold, it showed up the next day out in the sticks where I live in Vermont. Now that’s service – thanks, guys. I used the HT112 at an outdoor gig a few days after I got it. I stacked it on top of another 112 by a well-known high end manufacturer. I turned the tweeter off on the other cab, and used the Bergantino crossover and tweeter (which I like just as much as everybody else who has commented here). The sound was very nice, clear and balanced, and plenty loud. The next day, I took my little mixed-manufacturer stack back indoors to practice with, and it was less successful indoors – huge sound, but kind of unfocused and phasy and boomy. What else could I do but order an EX112 to sit under the HT112? So I called up Justin at Rock City and, once again, the cab showed up the next day. A nice, tight sounding stack! Gonna let them break in for a while before I come to any further conclusions, but I’m really happy with them. I like the small size, light weight, Speakon connectors, and heavy-duty grills, too.” Ben