Posted on Aug. 16, 2010

“Hi Jim, we’ve had a few phone conversations of the last couple of weeks regarding your 1 x 12’s. I pulled the trigger on a HT112ER last week from one of your dealers. Here is what happened. I placed the order on Thursday and the cab was shipped from your facility and arrived the next day…excellent. The packaging was top notch…a high quality, well engineered cab should be shipped in a high quality engineered packing system. Upon opening the box the subsequent first inspection revealed extremely good workmanship. I am huge on “fit and finish” and you exceeded my expectations. Finally I plugged it up to my Thunderfunk 750 and wow! Thick, fat, thunderous-but-punchy lows transitioning to punchy mid’s and a treble response that sits in the sound as opposed to on top of it. The high notes have an “airy” and natural sound. Actually it went toe-to-toe with another domestic manufacturers 700 watt 4 ohm two speaker cab. Great product all around! I really dig buying high quality equipment from small, product focused USA companies! I’ll be buying a HT112EX in the coming weeks…this 2×12 stack will be acoustically devastating! ” Tim Craig, Franklin, TN