Posted on Aug. 23, 2011

“Mr. B: I have a single 1×12″ that I bought about a year ago. It did quickly become my favorite gigging setup, the EX112 (not the ER) and G-B Shuttle 6.0. We play three theaters per month and use the p.a. provided (all pretty good systems). I use my rig for stage volume and let the sound guys do their things. Last night, there was a new soundman and he couldn’t isolate a problem with the piano. During the show, they asked me if my DI cable worked (it did), and could I please give my cable to the pianist? I took the Bergantino off the amp stand, placed it on the wooden stage floor. This is a renovated movie theater, on the List of Historic Places or whatever they call it. I turned the amp up a few notches and continued playing. At intermission, the theater manager, an old, former touring bassist, told me to turn up just a little, and the second half went great. Now, true, this is a theater, not a dance, not a club. But, it seats 235 including the balcony, and it is nice to know that I actually could use just the one 1×12″ and Shuttle head and play the room if necessary(as last night). Kudos on a great product. I planned to get a second ER, but I understand that they are discontinued, before I was financially ready to purchase. A friend of mine uses your 2×10 exclusively now, and it, too, is a fine cabinet. Thanks, again, for backing me up when I brag to my friends about your workmanship. ” Mike Estep – Louisiana