Posted on Aug. 8, 2001

“After playing a rig of Trace Elliott 2/10s and 1/15 (both of which had a tweeter) for 10 years I vowed my next rig would definitily not have tweeters. I was wrong as I just bought the Bergantino 210 and 115 and couldn’t be happier. The tweeter/horn system is far superior to any I’ve heard before. Powering them through an Aguilar DB 680 and DB 728, with a Warwick Thumb and Dolphin, I believe I’ve found the ultimate rig. I’m psyched to have encountered these kick ass cabs. Well Done, cheers.” Respectfully, Brian Battles Plymouth, MA. • • “P.S. Some really heavy duty cases would be nice as I plan on having these for a long time. If anyone can recommend a company I’d greatly appreciate it.”