Posted on August 13, 2015

Hi Guys,

I’ve got to congratulate you with regard to your amazing cabinets! I’ve over the years, had so many different rigs, mostly pro quality, but its only now that I’ve discovered the excellence that is Bergantino. I’ve generally had a lot of hassle with stupidly loud and distorted guitarists and their Marshall gear. My latest band falls into that category at the moment, but I’m trying to educate the guitarist, not only to stop playing so loud, but trying to get him to play a more tasteful genre of music. Basically a bit (or a lot) more jazzy.

Anyway, before all that’s likely to happen, I thought I’d buy myself a (mega) Carvin B2000 head with your CN210 and CN112. Initially, I thought the Carvin would be too cheap in quality, but honestly, its really blown me away. OKAY, I could decimate the cones, but I don’t have to. The volume of beautiful clean but punchy tone just thrusts its way through the mix. Even at very loud volume, the cones don’t even flap much.

Thank you for your products so much. I do presume that perhaps one day, I might add a couple more cabinets. Then there will never be a rampant guitarist potentially wrecking my system. That’s notwithstanding the fact that I hate playing too loud. I’m not at all a metal freak!!!

Cheers guys.

Kindest regards.
Den Finch (UK)