Posted on Dec. 31, 2001

“Jim: A little different kind of post. As of now, I have never heard a Bergantino cab. There are no dealers in the Cleveland area (yet). Recently, I have been in contact with many nationally recognized music stores. In fact, I had one store A/B a Bergantino and an EA cab through an Iamp600 and the entire store thought the Bergantino cab sounded much better! Based on all the comments I have received on your cabinets – they must be the best thing going. I have posted threads on several bass sites and the positive comments on your speakers is astounding! Let me point out that I have been playing semi-professionally for 24 years and have never bought a single piece of gear before hearing it (until now). I have ordered an HT-310 and it’s due here next week. I can’t wait! I am already (prior to hearing a Bergantino cab) thinking of putting my Eden 210XLT up for sale and also getting an HT-112. I’ll send another post when I get a chance to play through the cab. Your reputation is preceding some of your customers ever hearing your speaker!” Bob Miller