Posted on Feb. 15, 2008

“Hello Jim! I own a number of your smaller cabs and have always enjoyed the pure, deep, accurate tone they provide. However, I’ve never really considered your larger offerings due to my requirement and preference for a cab to be at or under 60 pounds (so that I can easily manage steps, high stages, etc. on my own). When I saw the AE announcement, I immediately put in an order for the 410. The AE410 is FANTASTIC… right around 60 pounds, and with the ‘thinner than normal’ 16″ depth, it is just a dream to schlep around. The tone is punchy and clear, but with plenty of low end and sparkle if you want it, and the 4ohm impedance and high SPL make it very loud and forcefull sounding with my small, moderately powered SS heads. The spray on covering is a step above anything else out there… like a high end touring PA cab… impressive! This is a WONDERFUL cab, and I can imagine the 210 is a killer also. Very, very impressive entry in the ‘loud and light’ category. Thanks! ” Ken Jung