Posted on Feb. 18, 2008

“Hi Jim, I should start by saying that I, like many other bass players, am a tone junkie. I have played Ampeg head/cabs for years now, my sound and tone was always good but it just wasnt the sound I had in my head. I finally got the basses/head down to Fender usa jazz and a early 1970’s Ampeg SVT. I was playing through Ampegs svt610 and the sound was great..but it just wasnt “it”. A friend recommended I give the NV610 a shot and promised I would turn cartwheels when I heard the difference. So I toted my Fender 75 Jazz RI and my 71 SVT down to Rockin Robin Guitars here in Houston. They were busy as they always are(its a great shop w/a TON of vintage gear..check them out)and I ask if I could play the Berg610 through my head. They said “sure, no problem”. I hooked my amp up and was prepaired to, well honestly, be disappointed. I have heard so many people say “ need this cab..or this cab” and I was prepared for the worst. I let the tubes heat for a minute and slowly turned up the volume to about 3 o’clock. The tone and shape were nothing less than amazing. I made a few adjustments to the head’s mid’s and bass and played for about 2 min just amazed. I thought “well it sounds good at 3 o’clock lets give her some gas and see what she has” I turned up to 12 o’clock and the distortion that came out was god like! I knew instantly I had found the tone! I am a very hard slap/pop guy and I always…always make speakers(10’s) “pop” when I slap. Well not this cab. I even hit the strings as hard as I could directly over the neck P/U and it was just tone…nothing but tone. I packed up my stuff, whipped out the card and the NV610 was mine. The final test came at rehearsal last night when I plugged in my 2nd fender jazz that is tuned to C# G# C# F#, The open 4 string always sounded “flabby” and “loose” with every cabnet I had played through. I hit that low C# and the BergNV610 just thundered out the note with PERFECT tone and clairty! This cabinet took everything I threw at it and never had any tone less than god like. Thank you Jim ! From a new life long Berg owner! ” John