Posted on Jan. 10, 2002

“I can’t begin to say enough good things about the Bergantino 1-12 cabinets. One cab alone can easily handle low to medium volume jobs and produce a superior, well-rounded tone with depth and more lows than you’d expect from a small cab. However, when you put two cabs together they’re even more amazing! They provide more than enough bottom, and handle a “B” string with ease. They take up very little room and sound huge! The highs are very smooth, with no harshness or brittle edge – very audiophile in quality. The mids are focused, defined and even, with no “boxiness”. The lows are not “thunderous”, but are very present, refined, and well balanced with the rest of the cab. I’ll admit I was skeptical about the capabilites of single 12s, but can honestly say that a pair of these cabs can easily compete with (and beat) most 2-10s (and some bigger cabs)on the market. When you compare their size and weight(39lbs.)to the tone and volume they’re capable of – it’s a no-brainer. Jim Bergantino has set the standard for portable, professional quality bass cabinets.” Tom G.