Posted on Jan. 13, 2009

“I just purchased the new NV412 from Bass Emporium in Austin TX today. I almost purchased the NV610 sitting right beside it. I took me almost 3 hours to decide, that’s how incredible they both are. One cab is as good as the other; it was a very hard choice. The NV412 sounds like no other ever made! I also auditioned the AE410 & HS410 cabs. All the cabs sound incredible; in fact they are the best! I went there with the intention of purchasing one of the NV Series cabs this time around because I wanted the classic sound. This is it at its very finest, either cabinet! I used a 70’s “Blue Line” SVT head and the combination just killed!! I use all Ashdown & SVT heads. The Aguilar DB750 is next. I’ve been playing bass for over 30 years & finally there is a supreme family of bass cabinets for us all. Jim, Thank you for making the finest bass cabinets on the planet period! ” Bassist26…Austin, TX