Posted on Jan. 26, 2005

“I’ve had the HT/EX 112 duo for several months now and I really, really dig them. These cabs make me stop and savor life. I’m not thinking, “What else is out there and could there be something that sounds better than this”? I’ve been talking to a friend about selling him one of my basses and now that I’ve played it through the 12s I am having reservations! Rudy’s gave me a great deal on the two of them. The silver grille’s a real standout! I think apart from the size of the voice coils, the first thing I noticed was the grille and how well manufactured it is. The main amp I’ve been using with the cabs is a Clarus 1 Series II and it makes those 12s sing! I replaced my Whappo with these and I have no regrets. I would have liked to replace the Whappo with a 322 but for me persoanally, not having an automobile in NYC is an advantage. I highly recommend the ProCo Guardian FatMax 8-gauge speaker cable. I first found them at but I’ve seen them at Sweetwater as well. As far as other amps, I’ve had stellar results with either a Demeter 201 or a Raven Labs MDB-1 into a Stewart 2.1. I find that the only tone tweaking I ever have to do is with the tweeter attenuator. These cabs are perfect for me because, being somewhat of a purist, I can get the most glorious sound by eliminating all unnecessary circuits, such as EQ! If it were up to me my bass would be much like AJs – one pickup and one balanced output. No volume knob, nothin’. Thanks for your tireless pursuit of perfection and your dedication to bass players of all kinds. Now if I can just save up for and transport that 322” Brad M. – NYC