Posted on Jan. 6, 2006

“I just wanted to let you know that Mark F. and I went to see the new IP310 and IP212 at Basses Electric & Acoustic in Sacramento on Monday. These new cabs are amazing. They are all Bergantino sound for sure. I could not believe how good they sounded and how light they were, even with the built in amp. I understand the amp only weighs about 7 pounds. You have done it again with more great sounding audiophile grade gear. BTW, I have been using my HT322 on a regular basis for gigging and it still amazes me how great it sounds. I have sold all my other cabs and only use the Bergantino cabs (the HT322 as well as the excellent NV425) with my Aguilar DB-750. I have received much praise from my band mates on how good my sound and tone is since adding the Bergantino cabs to my sound reinforcement. In addition, I have had several bass players ask me about the Bergantino cabinets and just love the sound. I now carry Juan Ortiz’s business cards (Basses Electric & Acoustic) with me to gigs as I have received a lot of inquiries about my Bergantino/Aguilar setup. Anyway, I suspect the IP310 and IP212 will be a major success. I sure hope that you also come out with an IP2x10/1X12 (an HT322 with the built in amp)in the future. I still can not say enough good things about the Bergantino cabs. The best period……. in my opinion.” Lee W. – Point Blank, San Francisco Bay Area