Posted on Jan. 7, 2002

“Jim, I’ve had your cabs (the 210 & 115) for a few months now. I have to tell ya like everybody else that they sound fantastic! (sold my Eden 210’s to get yours) My band here in Detroit (formally the “M 80’s” now the “Atomic 80’s”) regularly draws anywhere between 500 to 1800+ people depending on the venue, so I have to rely on your cabs to put out when necessary. I’ve never once had a problem hearing myself on any stage we’ve played on. Might move up to a pair of 310 cabs in the future, I can only imagine what that would sound like!!! We cover a lot of ground musically (we do all 80’s music) and with any bass I play thru them (Sadowsky 5, Warwick Thumb Bass 4, Steinberger 4 and my synth bass rig) they sound great.” Thanks a lot, Mike Fredericks ••