Posted on July 25, 2002

“I sold my Bag End 4×10 and EAVL-208 and respectively replaced them with a Bergie 2×10 and Bergie 1×12 both with horn. The cabs are amazing. Through my Walter Woods amp, I’m very audible and clear, playing upright at my very LOUD swing gig with just the 1×12. The EA was just too transparent; no punch. The 1×12 is even loud enough to play with a big band. My 2×10 is also so loud, that it easily replaced my 4×10!!! These cabs sound great with both electric and upright bass. Now that I’m starting to play much larger venues again, I feel that I’ll be needing the Bergie 3×10!! Blood bank here I come….:-)” Charley Mishalany