Posted on July 25, 2010

“I purchased a pair of AE-210’s to save my 60 year old back from lugging my (respectable but very heavy)Mesa cabs. I really have nothing to add to the raves others have voiced before this writing. Depending on my mood and venue I use a combination of one or both AE-210’s in combination with either my Aguilar DB750 or my SWR SM900. I particularly love the looks from other bassists who tilt their heads and bug out their eyes when listening to these over-achieving cabinets. They adapt to either the hi-fi sounding SWR or the thick and rich power of the DB750. My Ken Smith BSR5EG simply loves these cabs regardless of the amp I use. The AE’s handle the low B with excellent projection, power and clarity – especially important for a finger picker. And the coup de gras … the cabs are feather weight. Well done Mr. Bergantino. ”