Posted on July 3, 2006

“Jim, Thanks for taking the time to talk with me on the phone. It was super cool and top notch to talk with the gentleman who took to time designing the rig I now can’t live without. I purchased the IP112 + the EX112 and I have got to say….WOW. That is a huge understatement. I was concerned moving from my 4×10 cab that these 2-12’s would be less than what I was used to. Was I ever wrong, in every way. The tone, the accuracy, the sheer volume that these little cabs produces with your IP amp/DSP settings are truly unbelievable. You have to hear it to believe it. Have I mentioned yet how good it sounds? At my first gig, I simply couldn’t believe the kind of quality tone I was getting. I even caught myself laughing during the gig, I was actually giddy it was so much fun to play through. My Warwick’s have been my only bass of choice to play while my poor Fender Jazz American Std has been untouched for the last couple of years. I was even thinking of selling it but after playing the J-bass through the IP112+EX112, there is no way I would ever get rid of it. I love the sound of that bass now… Thanks again for a top-notch quality product, and a shout out to Bass-Northwest who was an outstanding retailer to work with and a shout out to Tom Bowlus at forums who first turned me on to the Bergantino IP series! My first Bergantino experience has been wonderful and look forward to every gig I get to play! Thanks Jim! ” Chris Coen – Kalispell, Montana