Posted on July 31, 2003

“Yes, I’m the proud owner of an NV610. I’m 37 and I’ve been playing bass for 22 years. I’m the bass player for “Psycho Jive”, a rock-n-roll band in Atlanta. Let me tell you. This cabinet rocks the house!!! The tone of this cab is awesome!!! The punch of this cab is awesome!!! The presence of this cab is awesome!!! Its’ mix of modern punch and old-school tone make this the ultimate rock-n-roll bass enclosure. Since I got the NV610 two months ago, my band has commented on the excellent tone and presence of my bass playing. I am a different player now because of it. This cab never sounds bad, and after dousing it with beer yesterday, oops, I think it even sounds a little better now. I’ve dubbed it my Beergantino610. I play an ’83 Fender Precision through a MesaBoogie MPulse-600 into the NV610. The NV610 maintains blossoming tone throughout the entire volume spectrum. My bass sound sits perfectly in the mix and every nuance and fist-pound is accurately and sweetly reflected at all dynamic levels. Wow!! I’ve never been happier with my bass setup, than I am now. It feels really strange having the perfect setup. Equipment shouldn’t make that much of a difference, but it does. Oh, it does! The only other thing I want is another NV610. (I got my Beergie cab and my Boogie head from George & Bill, at Atlanta Discount Music. I put them through hell in my recent gear-acquisition-syndrome and they were always patient while helping me find what I was searching for. They are certainly the preferred music dealer in Atlanta. Thanks George & Bill.) And finally, thanks Jim B., for making me this awesome 610 cabinet, and I hope you don’t mind the barley/hops upgrade. ” – Len Knitter –