Posted on July 31, 2004

“Hi Jim, I want to take a moment to thank you for speaking with me on the phone and also to thank you for providing us bassists with incredible products. I bought an HT112 and an EX112 combo and they are working out great. I recently played a large outdoor “county fair” type gig with the combo and my SWR SM900 amp. I was a little concerned that I may need some extra help from the monitor guy but was very pleasantly surprised when I plugged in for the quick sound check and turned the master volume up to around 10 o’clock. The sound guy, who was probably 75 feet away, immediately told me to lower my stage volume and angle the cabs away from dead-center. So I turned it down to 9 o’clock and had plenty of stage volume. I played the same venue with the same head and a Goliath II a couple of years ago and had to crank it up to 12 o’clock. I have some back problems and my back is much happier with the lower weight of these cabs. I’m completely amazed that I’m able to get so much more out of these cabs. I will happily recommend your bass cabs to any bassist. Thanks again!” Regards, Scot Larsen