Posted on June 12, 2002

“Hi Jim: Although I love my HT310, I couldn’t resist picking up (2) HT112 cabs! Comparing them to the SWR Bass Monitors – there is no comparison. The clarity and punch are amazing for a cab of this size! I will use these for the “country club” gigs we do quite often. I can put one behind me and one in front of me angled up – or simply stack them. I have a 2 channel amp and can’t wait to try both 112’s with the 310! Hope I don’t hurt anyone! As I did with the HT310 cab. I bought the HT112’s without even hearing them. I went (largely) off of comments on and the recommendations of several music stores. Thanks Jim! P S – If my old Eden cover didn’t fit the HT310 so well, I’d get your cover. It is a shame to walk in to a gig with everyone thinking it’s an Eden cab under the cover!” Bob Miller