Posted on June 12, 2003

“Jim; Finally got around to posting a comment after we talked a couple of weeks ago. Well, you remember I was a bit apprehensive trading in my EA-VL110’s for an HT112 and EX112 and talked to you a bit about it. All I have to say is: I made the right choice 🙂 So far, I’ve had the chance to use these cabs on a few different gigs and they’ve performed flawlessly. If I had to describe the sound difference between these and my last cabs it would be “round”. My bass just seems to have so much more presence and low end, while still retaining a very nice, clear sound with these cabs. To tell you the truth, I have really only had to use the HT112 so far because it’s been powerful enough to handle the situations I’ve been using it for. I’ll let you know when I do that arena tour with Metallica and we’ll see how they hold up then 🙂 Thanks for responding so quickly and answering the questions I had on the phone. I’ll definitely be using these for a looooong time…”